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Nantan Meteorite from Moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass & Astral Stones

Nantan Meteorite

A Nickle-Iron meteorite from Nantan, China. The Nantan (or Nandan) meteorite fall was observed in May, 1516 in South East China. The meteorites largely stayed untouched until a sortage of iron in the mid C20th, luckily their high melting point spared them from the furnace!

Meteorite - Nickel-Iron
We share a fascination of rocks and minerals that have been found here on Earth but have links to our wider solar system. Nickel-Iron meteorites, often with intriguing geometric patterns, have landed in a variety of locations. They draw our thoughts to the wider picture, instilling patience and persistence and are used in healing for physical stamina, grounding and treating circulatory and body tissue disorders.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 18x20x11mm
Weight: 6g (to the nearest gram)

Price: £9.75 $13.94

Quantity: One of a kind


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