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Power of Truth Crystal Grid from Crystal Grids & Sets

Power of Truth Crystal Grid

A light-catching Topaz crystal stands firm in the centre of this crystal grid, calling you to consult your inner wisdom and know your personal truth.








The spindly lightening strike Fulgarites direct the power of your will to the four directions, maintaining balance, but putting that inner truth into action.  The four pink Ussingite pieces bring serenity and spiritual purification.

The measurements are for the Clear Topaz, the weight is for the complete set.

Graham was struck by lightening when in his pram as a boy, but I guess his mother's first thought wasn't to look for any affect on the earth around them! Fulgurites are hollow, silica tubes formed by the intense heat of a lightening striking sand or silica rich soil. They are associated with the power of the will, like the ability to send a thunder bolt yourself.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 26x24x14mm
Weight: 30g (to the nearest gram)

Price: £18.00 $26.64

Quantity: One of a kind


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