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Reformation Crystal Grid from Crystal Grids & Sets

Reformation Crystal Grid

A charismatic slice of Malachite extends a friendly welcome for you to rest awhile in its company, easing your pain and restoring your protective armoury.  Leave the troubles of the physical world behind, and enter a zone of quiet contemplation and relaxation.

The outer ring of Chrysocolla combines its energy with the Malachite, offering you the space to reconsider and reconfigure your mode and outlook.  This is an opportunity to reaffirm your inner truth, and gain a pure vision of what is really important to you.

The Mookite chips balance your experience with the grid, bringing the new understanding out into the physical world, stabilising your visionary exploration.

The weight is for the complete set.  The measurements are of the Malachite piece.


Malachite is formed from the effect of air and water on copper ore, oxidising it and producing the creative spark for growth of swathes of deep rich green crystalline bands.

Key Healing Properties: Malachite's key use is clearing, be it relief from pain, emotional imbalance or a path to transformation. As the dust is toxic, use malachite in a polished form for healing work.

The essence of Malachite is overcoming cramping pains - whether these are menstrual, during labour or in the need to let go of something in order to move on. That's why Malachite is a stone of transformation - it helps in the transition through a mini or major death/rebirth in life.

I have written a meditation for Malachite, which you can find in our Crystal Meditations section.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 35x22x5mm
Weight: 17g (to the nearest gram)

Price: £11.00 $16.28

Quantity: One of a kind


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