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Cornish Turquiose from Cornish Crystals & Minerals

Cornish Turquiose

This range of Cornish Turquoise was discovered in a China Clay pit in the St Austell area, and collected before the area was developed into a housing estate by a very wise man!


Turquoise occurs by the action of water on copper and aluminium, forming tiny crystals in large chunks. It has been valued throughout time as a protective stone by cultures the world over.

Key Healing Properties:  Turquoise is a strong activator of the throat chakra, assisting personal expression. The lesson of Turquoise is to rise to the challenge of when it is your time to speak out, arbitrate or take the lead in bringing a matter to fruition.

Healing Properties

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Cornish Turquiose

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Dimensions: 29x18x4mm
Weight: 3g (to the nearest gram)
Origin: Gunheath China Clay Pit, St Austell, Cornwall

Price: £9.00 $12.33

Quantity: One of a kind


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