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Pyrite Triplite Wagnerite from Tumbled Stones

Pyrite Triplite Wagnerite

A captivating combination of Pyrite (verging on Chalcopyrite), Triplite (an orangey, phosphate mineral) and Wagnerite (a creamy mix of phosphate, fluoride, iron and magnesium).

United together, they have provided us with a stone of ease, fostering good-heartedness, ease of physical movement and encouraging looking at life with a full belly laugh.  It works on water elimination, either easing fluid retention, or allowing tears of laugher or sadness.










Pyrite is named from the Greek word 'pyr' meaning 'fire', not so much for it's golden, fiery colour, but because it can create a spark, being iron based.  Pyrite is an iron sulphide, with a reputation to be known as fool's gold because of its metallic glint. The pure cubes form under perfect growing conditions, not quite achieved by the Cornish pyrite, which is charismatically knobbly.

Key Healing Properties:-  The strong cubes of Pyrite enhance masculine energy and physical vitality.  Pyrite is useful in the workplace as a talisman for growth and prosperity and for tempering an irascible temperament or low self-esteem.  Pyrite can also give you a kickstart and support useful when beginning an exercise plan.

Healing Properties

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Dimensions: 24x23x12mm
Weight: 13g (to the nearest gram)

Price: £12.00 $16.44

Quantity: One of a kind


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