The Healing Properties of Crystals

Crystal Healing

Much has been spoken and written about using crystals for improving health and well being.  Here is an introduction to:
Vibrational Healing,
crystals around the home and the
healing properties of crystals.

There's also help on choosing a crystal for its healing properties and some of Beth's Crystal Posters - useful reference tools for learning about crystals.

Key Stones - A Guide to the Healing Properties of Crystals

We have drawn up this table to give you a quick reference to the key stones for common complaints. The crystals are in alphabetical order. It is useful if you have three to four symptoms, or features, that give a picture of the condition you are wishing to address - then you can pick a crystal that appears in all rather than one of these.

To Treat:

Suggested Crystals:


Amethyst, Blue Lace AgateCarnelianDendritic Agate, Golden Apatite, Peridot, Rose Quartz, RubySodalite


AmberBoji Stones, Blue FluoriteDendritic Agate, Emerald, Jet, KunziteLabradoriteMoonstone, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, Rutile Quartz, Sunstone


Amazonite, ApatiteAzurite, Blue Lace Agate, FluoriteLibyan Desert GlassObsidianRhodonite


Amber, Amethyst, Apophyllite, MalachiteMoldavite, MorganitePietersite, Pyrite


Amethyst, Carnelian, EpidoteHematite, Imperial TopazIndicoliteKunzitePetaliteSmoky QuartzSugiliteTiger’s Eye

Circulation Problems

Amethyst, BloodstoneDanburiteFulgarite, GalenaHematiteMoss AgateNickel-iron MeteoriteOpalRubySodalite, Tektite


Agate, CarnelianCitrine, Galena, Imperial TopazIndicoliteLapis LazuliRhodochrositeRuby


ApatiteAragonite, CarnelianMagnetite


AmazoniteCalciteCelestiteChrysoberylClear QuartzDravide, Fire Opal, Herkimer DiamondKyaniteLapis LazuliOnyx, Ruby in ZoisiteThulite


Amethyst, Blue FluoriteHematite, Imperial TopazIndicoliteJet, KunziteLapis Lazuli, PyriteRhodoniteRutile QuartzSmoky Quartz, Sunstone


Bloodstone, Golden ApatiteIolite, Ocean JasperPrehnite, PyriteSmoky Quartz

Eating Disorders

Ametrine, ApatiteDanburiteRhodochrositeStibnite, Stichtite, Topaz

Emotional Trauma

AgateBoji StonesLapis LazuliMoldaviteOpalPetaliteRhodochrositeRose Quartz, Thulite,


Ametrine, CarnelianCitrine, Fire Agate, FulgariteHerkimer DiamondKunzitePeridot, Tektite


GarnetHerkimer DiamondLabradoriteMoss AgateSmoky Quartz, Topaz


CarnelianClear QuartzFulgariteGarnet, Imperial TopazMoldaviteMoonstone, MorganiteRhodochrositeRuby in ZoisiteZincite


AzuriteBlue TourmalineGoethiteLapis LazuliRhodochrosite, Sunstone


Chrysocolla, Jasper, LarimarPeridotRose Quartz

High Blood Pressure

Amethyst, AventurineBloodstoneChrysocolla, Green ApatiteLabradoriteLapis Lazuli, MalachiteSodalite, StichtiteTurquoise


Blue FluoritePietersite, Stichtite

Hormone Balancing


Learning Difficulties

CarnelianDravide, MalachiteSugilite


Alexandrite, Amber, Emerald, Moss AgateOpalPhantom QuartzRhodonite


Dioptase, Emerald, FuchsiteJasperSapphire


CelestiteGarnetPrehniteRubySmoky QuartzTurquoise


AmethystCitrine, Iolite, Lapis LazuliMoonstone, Peridot, Tektite


Black TourmalineCassiterite, FluoriteLabradorite, MalachiteMoldavitePrehnite, TektiteTurquoise

Self Esteem

AmberBixbiteBoji StonesCarnelianChrysoberylCitrineDravideOpalRhodochrositeRutile Quartz

Skin Complaints

AmethystAventurineChysanthemum Stone, GalenaJet, Sapphire

Spiritual Development

Aquamarine, Lemurian Seed Crystal, Libyan Desert GlassNickel-iron MeteoritePhenaciteSugilite, Tektite


CassiteriteChrysocollaDendritic Agate, MalachitePhenaciteRutile QuartzSapphireSodalite, Stibnite

The information we provide is based on our training, reading and clinical experience.  It is offered for interest and as a guide.  It should not be taken as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice.  Always consult a GP if you have symptoms that persist or worry you.


What Crystal Where? - A Guide to using Crystals Around the Home

Here are a few suggestions for crystals to use around home and at work.

The aim

What Crystal


To clear stagnant energy

Smoky Quartz

Point towards the north

For harmony and peace

Rose Quartz

Place in the centre of the house

To improve concentration


On the desk

To protect the home

Black Tourmaline

Place in the 4 corners of the house

To banish negativity


Place in the centre of the house

To cleanse the house


In any or every room!

To neutralise electronic equipment

Black Tourmaline

Next to the equipment

To attract wealth


Left side, rear corner of the house

Choosing a Crystal for its Healing Properties

The basis of crystal healing, as we see it, is that crystals can be employed as external vitimins to work on a vibrational level in boosting and supporting our natural defence and well-being systems. We aim to guide you through the vast range of knowledge and clinical experience that we have learnt of and has been written about in the many books on the subject.

There are various methods, or approaches you can take. For example, by looking at the condition from a Chakra point of view, or maybe the elements. Many people opt for selecting from the relevant Birthstones. We're continually adding to our online library of information, hoping to provide you with all the help we're able to give if you're in the shop chatting to us.

When choosing a crystal to for its healing properties, we suggest that you consider the person holistically.  Evaluate their condition from a mental, emotional and physical perspective.  We don't aim to treat the symptoms, but see them as expressions of a central disturbance in the vitality of the person.  So ask for more detail about the condition and what lies behind it. For example, depression can be as a result of guilt, grief, loss of control, lack of freedom, etc.

It can help if you look at the current complaint or circumstance from different angles:

Aim to decide upon at least three clear symptoms to base your prescription upon.   Think of it as a 3-legged stool, any less and you can’t rest your case on it!

Once you've got a clear understanding of the person's state, and have decided upon the three key aspects that you want to match, then it is much easier to read more about each crystal without sensing that all have properties that will help!

We're working to build an all singing and dancing Crystal Selector that helps you identify the most helpful crystal from three key symptoms, but for now, it's a clever little tool to help you select from our increasing large range of stock based on a limited range of their properties.

The information we provide is based on our training, reading and clinical experience.  It is offered for interest and as a guide.  It should not be taken as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice.  Always consult a GP if you have symptoms that persist or worry you.

Click here to view our Crystal Selector



Vibrational Healing

As with all organic matter, there’s an energetic force at work in the structure of crystals.  On an atomic level, it is seen their mineral composition, which dictates their colour, texture and shape.  In healing terms, this energy can be felt by those sensitive to it as a vibration or tingle.  It can be stored or emitted from the crystal, in the same way that quartz crystals are used for electric impulses.

Think about wood, and why it splits.  The energetic force to continue growing continues after the tree has been cut down.  In the same way, crystal self-heal, growing smaller terminations on the base where they were removed from the bed they formed on.

Like external vitamins, each crystal, with its unique vibration, carries different qualities that we match with our needs on a like-cures-like basis.  The healing properties attributed to a crystal is based on an understanding of the effect of the mineral composition on us at a micro level, as well as drawing from colour and chakra association and on decades of clinical experience.

You'll find more information in the tables below and we have quick guides to Chakras, Birthstones and the Elements, or have a look below to search by crystal.

To read more, have a look at Working with Crystals.


Crystal Posters

Here are some of the posters that Beth created to help explain the healing properties of crystals. They compare the similar healing properties of a groups of crystals.



  Actinolite   Aegirine   Agate   Ajoite   Albite   Alexandrite   Allophane   Amazonite   Amber   Amethyst   Ametrine   Ammonite   Amphibole Quartz   Anandalite   Anatase   Angel Aura   Angel Calling Bell   Angelite   Anhydrite   Annabergite   Anthracite   Apatite   Apatite - Green Apatite   Apophyllite   Aqua Aura   Aquamarine   Aragonite   Arkansas Clear Quartz   Arsenolite   Arsenopyrite   Astrophyllite   Atacamite   Auralite   Autunite   Aventurine   Axinite   Azeztulite   Azurite   Azurite & Malachite   Barite/Baryte   Bayldonite   Beryl   Biotite   Bismuth   Bixbite   Black Moonstone   Blizzard Stone   Bloodstone   Blue Chalcedony   Blue John   Blue Lace Agate   Blue Obsidian   Blue Quartz   Blue Topaz   Boji Stones   Bornite   Botallackite   Brandberg Quartz   Bridge Crystal   Brookite   Brucite   Buddha   Cacoxenite   Calcite   Candle Quartz   Candy Skulls   Carnelian   Cassiterite   Cavansite   Celestial Quartz   Celestite   Cerussite   Chalcedony   Chalcocite   Chalcopyrite   Chalcosiderite   Chalcotrichite   Charoite   Chiastolite   Childrenite   Chinese Writing Stone   Chromite   Chrysanthemum Stone   Chrysoberyl   Chrysocolla   Chrysoprase   Chrysotile   Cinnabar   Citrine   Clear Quartz   Clear Topaz   Clinoclase   Copal   Copper   Coprolite   Coral   Cornetite   Cornish Blue Fluorite   Cornwallite   Covellite   Creedite   Crinoid   Crocoite   Cryolite   Cuprite   Cyanotrichite   Danburite   Dendritic Agate   Dendritic Jasper   Descloizite   Desert Rose   Diamond   Diaspore   Diopside   Dioptase   Dream Quartz   Dumortierite   Elestial Quartz   Emerald   Enhydro   Epidote   Epimorph   Euclase   Eucryptite   Eudialyte   Faden Quartz   Fire Agate   Fluorite   Fluoroapatite   Fossil Fish   Frosterley Marble - The Vatican Stone   Fuchsite   Fulgarite   Galena   Garnet   Gaspeite   Gel Lithium Silica   Gem Silica   Gilbertite   Girosol   Goethite   Gold   Golden Apatite   Golden Healer Quartz   Goldstone   Gypsum   Harlequin Quartz   Healer's Gold   Heliodor   Hematite   Hemimorphite   Herderite   Herkimer Diamond   Heulandite   Himachal Pradesh Quartz   Hollandite Star Quartz   Howlite   Hypersthene   Imperial Topaz   Iolite   Iolite-Sunstone   Jade   Jasper   Jasper - Flamingo Jasper   Jet   K2 Stone   Kämmererite   Kunzite   Kyanite   Labradorite   Langite   Lapis Lazuli   Larimar   Larvikite   Laser Quartz   Lava Stone   Lazulite   Lemurian Seed Crystal   Lepidolite   Libethenite   Libyan Desert Glass - Gold Tektite   Linarite   Lithium Quartz   Lizardite   Löllingite   Ludlamite   Luxulyanite   Magnetite   Malachite   Malacolla   Master Shamanite   Megalodon   Menalite   Mendip Potato Stone   Merlinite   Metazeunerite   Meteorite - Chrondrite   Meteorite - Nickel-Iron   Meteorite - Pallasite   Microcline   Mimetite   Mohawkite   Moldavite   Moonstone   Moqui Ball - Shamen Stones   Moredo Opal   Morganite   Moss Agate   Mottramite   Muscovite   Mystic Merlinite   Mystic Topaz   Natrolite   Northosite   Nuummite   Obsidian   Ocean Jasper   Onyx   Opal   Opalite   Orthoceras   Orthoclase   Pearl   Pectolite   Peridot   Petalite   Petrified Wood   Pewter   Phantom Quartz   Pharmacosiderite   Phenacite   Phosphosiderite   Picasso Marble Stone   Pietersite   Plancheite   Posnjakite   Prase   Prasiolite   Prehnite   Preseli Bluestone   Pseudomalachite   Psilomelane   Pyrite   Pyrolusite   Pyromorphite   Pyrrhotite   Quantum Quattro   Que Sera Llanite   Rhodochrosite   Rhodonite   Rosasite   Rose Quartz   Rosophia   Ruby   Ruby in Fuchsite   Ruby In Zoisite   Rutile Quartz   Sacred Light Stone   Sanda Rosa Azeztulite   Sapphire   Satya Mani Azeztulite   Satyaloka Azeztulite   Scapolite   Scheelite   Scolecite   Scottish Marble   Selenite   Self-Healed Crystal   Septarian   Seraphinite   Serpentine   Shattuckite   Shiva Lingam   Shungite   Siderite   Silver   Singing Bowl   Smithsonite   Smoky Quartz   Snowflake Obsidian   Soapstone   Sodalite   Sphalerite   Spherocobaltite   Spinel   Staurolite   Stibnite   Stichtite   Stilbite   Strawberry Quartz   Stromatolite   Strontianite   Sugilite   Sulphur   Sunstone   Super Seven   Tangerine Quartz   Tanzanite   Tektite   Terraluminite   Tetrahedrite   Thulite   Tibetan Black Quartz   Tiffany Stone   Tiger Iron   Tiger's Eye   Tin   Tingshas   Tourmalinated Quartz   Tourmaline - Dravide, Brown Tourmaline   Tourmaline - Indicolite, Blue Tourmaline   Tourmaline - Rubellite, Red Tourmaline   Tourmaline - Schorl, Black Tourmaline   Tourmaline - Verdelite, Green Tourmaline   Tourmaline - Watermelon Tourmaline   Tourmaline, Elbaite - Multi-coloured   Trilobite   Tugtupite   Turquoise   Ulexite   Unakite   Ussingite   Vanadinite   Variscite   Vesuvianite   Violan   Wavellite   Wolframite   Wollastonite   Wulfenite   Xanthosiderite   Zeolite   Zincite